Drink Me

Welcome to my Wonderland of adventures and inspirations. 

My name is Alice and I appreciate every art there is in this world. I believe that will open your senses to your whole surroundings enable to explore and inspire what you can do. 

I have always been this quiet and timid girl, such little confidence in myself. But as I grew up, I have been inspired by many and supported by my loved ones as it has made me become the person I am now and show you what I never knew I was capable of doing.

As to why I created this blog, it is time to reveal my true colours supported by my own viewers. My main interests are: Art, Sing, Dance, Music, Make up, Fashion, Food, Travel, Photography, Inspirations. 

Please note that this blog is not just to express myself but a social connection to your inspirations! I would love for you to share with me with your experiences, explorations, inspirations and what you have portrayed throughout your world!

Always be yourself and believe in yourself. Because there is nothing worse than not able to become the person you want to be. If I can come through, you can too! Stay true, stay you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it makes a big difference to my day. =)

Please don't hesitate to leave any questions, requests, or anything you would like to share down in the comment box! I'm all ears! =D

Would you like a cup of tea? 
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