Short hair, New Year!

Sunday, 1 January 2012 6 comments
Woah it's been such a while that I have updated my blog! Well here it goes, I've just cut my hair short two days ago at Aqua with my lovely friends and the boyfriend. My hairstylist was pretty awesome because he has such a fun personality and he's korean! haha. His name is awesome too, Zoe! =D  I'm happy to go back there again, great service there. Now I know that I would have to book an appointment there XD I must say that short hair feels so much cooler and lighter, easier to maintain after 2 years worth of long hair.

This was me with long hair (BEFORE):

Okay, now transformed into...

hehe Have a happy new year everyone! May happiness and great fortune are in your pathway. ^__^ <3
Please stay tuned for my make up looks, so much more to explore and create! XD


  • followafteralice said...

    hehe thank you  Samira! I literally screamed when he chopped it off at first haha funny moment. XD

  • followafteralice said...

    LOL aww Kimu, you have pretty much thicker hair now! So hilarious how Zoe just put my long hair in front of me, so awkward looking at a rat tail. ><"

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