60's MOTD & OOTD.

Saturday, 24 March 2012 2 comments

Hi Everyone! So sorry about the delay, just found a full time job so not used to it yet ^^". But here is a supposedly a 60's make up look which I did for a friend's 25th birthday party (50-60's themed party). It was great fun dressing up with the girls and the boyfriend hehe! I've got inspired with matte red lips and the cut crease look that was so popular during the time. So here is my flavour to it! ^__^

For the outfit, I've got a collection of images of pearls, pin-up, dots, closed-toe heels, bows. So here it goes!

1) Here is me and the boyfriend. Thanks for my good friend Kimu for taking this memorable picture of us! <3
2-6) Pictures taken by the birthday boy! You could come check out his site: http://www.dantay.com, or his youtube channel: dantaytv for his tutorials and tips on how to work around with the camera!
2) With the lovely beautiful girls! <3
3) Hoorah for the birthday boyyyy~!
4) Favourite photo of me and Kitty. <3
5) Highlight picture of the night! haha.
6) And finally a nice way to finish for the night hehe.


  • khatsii said...

    yay for disqus commenting XD keke but i have to admit, that is one of my favorite photos w. you too bubby! a natural candid shot of us being random keke XD

  • Tranquil_lake said...

    hehe totally agree Kitty! & thank you for helping me out with disqus! looks so much better and so much easier for everyone. =D

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